Waldorf Astoria



Built on the foundations of the historic Palace Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria includes preserved historical remnants from the original building. It’s been ranked seventh best hotel in the world and best in the Middle East.


In the center of the city and only 500m from Jaffa Gate and the Old City, stands the Waldorf Astoria. Its architecture is reminiscent of this capital city’s international influence with Greek-Roman, Gothic and Ottoman elements.


The hotel’s facade was preserved as the rest of the hotel was demolished and rebuilt. The entrance hall that was also slated for preservation needed to be leveled in order for the parking lots to be built. After careful documentation it was destroyed and then rebuilt as an exact replica including the antique windows from the original structure — the handwork of famed Jerusalem artist Yoram Amir. In order to build an exact replica of the building it was scanned with high tech laser to draw accurate plans as the original ones were lost.

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